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Download the pattern as a PDF

Download the suggested label as a PDF

Download the suggested label if you use bio-plastic cellophane bags

The label leaves room for you to fill in your own name and info. on the center (front) panel.

Sourcing / Procurement

Threshold organic cotton sheets
You can buy Threshold organic cotton sheets off the shelf at Target. Make sure the label says "organic," since Target carries a variety of Threshold sheets.
You get the most fabric for your money with twin sheets. I've also checked organic cotton fabric sources, but the sheets are the least expensive source of organic fabric. The fabric is soft like a cotton scarf, not stiff, and is perfect for face coverings.
Threshold organic cotton sheets come in several colors, but I've stuck with the Light Gray, and white thread.
If you cannot find Threshold organic cotton sheets at your local Target, buy them from Target online: Target --> Be sure to confirm the color and size (twin) before you check out. These are also available at Amazon and other online stores.
Each twin sheet will give you about a hundred masks. If you only want to make a hundred masks, cut up the fitted sheet and keep the flat sheet and pillow case for your twin bed.

19 mm safety pins - Amazon
I looked everywhere, and this was the best resource. You can get 1,000 pins for $9 and 2,000 for $12. They come in gold, silver, or black.

1/4" elastic - eBay
This may change, but with 1/4" elastic running out everywhere, or terribly overpriced, ordering it straight from China is the best deal. The site said my elastic would arrive after two months, but it was here within a couple weeks. Get a lot! You will be surprised how fast you go through it. Each mask uses two feet of elastic, and this roll has 200 yards - enough for 300 masks. bio-plastic cellophane bags
This company also sells conventional plastic bags, so be sure to select the 3" x 5.5" 1mil Biodegradable NatureFlex Cello Bags (the link goes directly to this page). The bags are inexpensive, but shipping is expensive, so buy all you need the first time. These arrived within a week of ordering.

Sewing Machines Plus
The Internet was out of sewing machines when I bought mine, but this company in San Diego put me on their waiting list for a Viking Emerald 118. I arrived within several weeks of ordering it.
If you plan to make a lot of face coverings, buy a good machine like the Emerald 118. You will avoid frustration. I hear you can burn through a $200 sewing machine within weeks or months.

Other items you will find useful: a good pair of sewing scissors, a sharp seam ripper (one comes with the Emerald 118), plenty of spools of white thread (I've been finding them at the supermarket), a ruler for measuring fabric and elastic, an iron, ironing board, and an empty coffee can to catch threads you clip off.

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Face coverings are meant to keep others safe, so show people you care. Wear a face covering whenever you go outside. Use this info. to make them to give out freely, or start your own cottage business and sell them! Best wishes and blessings, Nori

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